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Scheduled EAC Events

At our Association, our small team of volunteers is always working to schedule valuable and engaging events for members. From intimate networking sessions to our annual conference, we will continue to help the ESOP community share and find information about employee ownership in Canada.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


ESOP peer round table
for members

Join an exclusive and intimate group who know the value of employee ownership and share in each others' knowledge. Whether you are new to having an ESOP, an established ESOP, or even have not fully implemented the structure, this group is for you.
Peers from new ESOPs, or in the process of implementing an ESOP, can learn about the successes and failures of others.
Peers from established ESOPs can learn about the new structures, features, and systems that ESOPs are employing.




Members can access our library of past Conference Recordings and slide presentations to get the latest updates on Tax, Valuation, Advocacy and Membership Value, plus many ESOP Stories to share.

Conference Library



Members can access our library of Webinars to review current Hot Topics and find solutions.

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Members can use our forums to ask questions and find answers.

Our partners, service providers and owners from ESOP companies can all benefit greatly from sharing knowledge on employee ownership in Canada.

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