ESOP Books

Below is a brief list of Canadian and International ESOP books. For a more extensive list of International ESOP publications visit the National Center for Employee Ownership.

ESOPs in Canada is a comprehensive and practical guide to every aspect of designing and implementing an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) in Canada.

This book outlines the very tangible business benefits of ESOPs and how employee share ownership present a solution to some of the biggest challenges facing the Canadian economy: from the baby boomers exiting their businesses to attracting and retaining talent.

Find case studies, FAQs and templates dedicated to explaining the main issues of designing an ESOP.

ESOPs in Canada is available for purchase at Friesens or Amazon.

Employee Ownership: the New Source of Competitive Advantage

Employee ownership is relatively inexpensive to initiate and it can help firms gain a competitive edge - the 15% advantage cited by of one of the CEOs profiled in this book.

Employee Ownership: The New Source of Competitive Advantage vividly describes the advantages, challenges, disappointments, and triumphs of managers and employees of ten Canadian companies that have made the transition to employee ownership.

Employee Ownership: the New Source of Competitive Advantage is available for purchase on Amazon.

Your CEO Succession Playbook

Two thirds of CEO succession attempts are ultimately unsuccessful. Most companies either have no plan to deal with transition, or aren’t happy with the one they have. What makes for such drastic failures? A lack of preparation, in many cases, or a focus on process rather than people.

Written by executive coaches with more than 50 years’ combined experience, Your CEO Succession Playbook offers an original, insightful and digestible methodology for creating a succession plan that not only finds a viable C-suite replacement but expands and strengthens business, too.

Based on the experience of 33 CEOs who successfully transitioned into the role, Your CEO Succession Playbook guides stakeholders through six key steps in the succession journey: planning for the future; benchmarking the role; identifying candidates by being results-oriented; coaching and developing others; ensuring self-awareness in promotions; and moving forward.

Your CEO Succession Playbook is available on Amazon.

International Books:

The Employee Ownership Manual (UK publication)

This UK-centric "book is intended to meet a range of different needs and to cater for different levels of knowledge about employee ownership. If you are considering making your company employee-owned or you are advising someone going through that process, and in either case are new to the topic, you can build up your knowledge levels from Chapter 1. 

The book is intended as practical guide rather than a highly detailed technical treatise. Its priority is to explain key issues in an accessible fashion and to raise awareness of where further exploration and advice may be important."

The Employee Ownership Manual is available for purchase on Spiramus Press.

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